OTCSRA Mission & Goals

What is the purpose of the Ontario Trauma & Crime Scene Responders Association?

OTCSRA Mission

OTCSRA’s objective is to achieve and maintain the highest levels of competencies among members in the performance of their profession.
To lead by example.
To instill and require the highest technical, ethical and educational standards.


Our main goal of the association is to set the Provincial Standard for Education, Ethics and Technical Expertise in the Trauma Scene Response Industry. We represent contractors, consultants, and responders. Our membership is in support of Ontario based operations that offer response to sensitive issues as they pertain to Trauma, Crime and other related situations.
Our association upholds the highest technical, ethical and educational guidelines of the biohazard remediation industry.
We are dedicated to be the best at what we do. With so many companies claiming they are certified, the professionals that belong to this group offer the consumer peace of mind knowing that when they search for help on this website, they are getting the best care in the industry.

What does OTCSRA Do?

Biohazard remediation is needed in situations including crime and trauma scenes, unattended death, industrial accidents, or anywhere that blood, feces, urine, vomit, and other body fluids are present. Animal feces/droppings are also included in the service offerings. Commercial cleaning products are not enough to remediate biohazards, and the most effective way to ensure site safety is to hire a professional biohazard remediation company. OTCSRA exists for two reasons. One, to give you the confidence that your hiring a recognized approved contractor, and two, to ensure the contractors are meeting the recognized standards in this critical task.
As a consumer, don’t get confused with the general cleaner companies (Janitorial Service) with some bleach as an adequate mitigator of your incident. This business requires expertise and highly trained and outfitted personnel to deal with your sensitive issue.
The safest solution is to contact a professional, who is trained in biohazard remediation, to properly disinfect your site and restore it to a livable condition.

OTCSRA Service

Once the technicians have taken steps to protect themselves such as the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), biohazard removal and remediation can begin. Technicians contain the affected area to prevent further contamination beyond the site. Technicians remove visibly stained items, which may require cutting away affected carpet, removing personal items unable to be saved or other items unable to be remediated. Then, biohazard bags that are clearly marked are used to remove soiled materials.
Once large items are removed, technicians begin rigorous cleaning procedures and structural remediation. They disinfect surfaces using proprietary cleaning agents and methods to ensure no biohazardous materials remain.
Once cleaned, technicians conduct adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing to see if any organic matter is left on a surface. Technicians repeat the process if needed.
All our members operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. This association does not endorse any one company, nor does it control pricing of each individual company. Although there may be suggested pricing in the content of this site, it has no control on the individual company and we recommend that you call our members to best get a feel for their offerings.

OTCSRA Membership Benefits

Completing the application will require you to provide details on your operation. You must share a common interest in the intent of the association’s mission statement. You must abide by the ethics of the association and be it good standings.
As a member you will be able to attend the association meetings and assist in directing and operating the association.
As an Association Member, you will have access to the complete membership list.
This will allow networking with other members, so you may share I review policies and procedures, equipment purchases, etc.
A forum will be available on the “members only” side of the web site so that you can discuss items of interest. Dues will go towards subsidizing future training sessions and to the management of the website and associated costs.
Association Members will be granted a discount on training and sessions.
Members will receive email blasts on any current topics which should be shared amongst Emergency First Responders
Sample Standards to which we abide by (Balance of the standards and procedures are filed in the “Members Only” section)
CAN/CGSB/CSA-Zl 610-1 l Response to Bio incidents
Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act, Section 25 (H), Section 26 (K), (L),
Regulation 833 Section 3 (1) Biohazardous Infectious Materials. WHMIS CLASS D, DIVISION 3. OHS